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Meet Dr. Michael Skidmore


Temecula's Very Own Certified Sleep Apnea Professional.

  • Why Should I Choose Dr. Skidmore and Sleep Well?

    Dr Skidmore is certified by both the American Board of Sleep and Breathing and Sleep Certified

    We offer testing as well as treatment for snoring and sleep apnea all under one roof saving you time and money

    We accept most medical insurance plans including both Medicare and Tricare and work to minimize your out of pocket expenses

    Dr Skidmore is the only certified dentist in the area to use the only FDA approved hybrid oral appliance device which has shown to be more effective than traditional oral appliances. We can even offer combination CPAP/Oral appliance therapy when indicated.

    Dr Skidmore has been practicing in Temecula for almost 10 years. His wife and 6 beautiful children call Temecula home. Dr Skidmore has been a volunteer coach for many local youth sports including TVSA and FNL. Donate time/services to local school programs, as well as local and international charity work.
    (Ethiopia, Team Smile etc). Loves the outdoors and being active.

  • After I Am Diagnosed Am I On My Own?

    Absolutely not. Dr Skidmore provides a follow-up sleep test after diagnosis and treatment prescription to ensure your therapy is having the desired effects.


‘‘Temecula is an active community, many families call this area home. I take great pride in being able to help those same families sleep better, stop snoring and be healthier.

Dr. Michael Skidmore

What You Can Expect From Us

Excellent Training

Dr. Skidmore has taken extensive advanced training in sleep disorders. This allows us to use cutting edge technology & the best treatment options to ensure you get the results you deserve.

All In One Place

Take your sleep study, receive your personalized diagnosis, and your recommended treatment all in our office. Rest assured you are in great hands at Sleep Well.

An Amazing Team

If you suffer from the effects of sleep apnea in Temecula, or if you think you may have a sleep disorder, our family here at Sleep Well invites you to come in and visit us. Isn't it time to Sleep Well?

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